Quote of the day

"Entering in a relationship is like starting a journey. You have to go far away to see if you are close."
from The Russian Dolls by Cedric Klapisch (1961-...).
The Russian Dolls - Original BillboardI strongly recommend any films by the above-mentioned director, and more specificaly Pot Luck of which the Russian Dolls are second opus. I watched it again tonight and this line stroke me particularly since it has become so relevant to me... Whoever followed my trips in the most exotic valleys will certainly agree with this excerpt. Official outcome on Octobre 20th!


  1. I enjoyed the first one (Pot Luck / Auberge Espagnole) but I LOVED the second one ie The Russian Dolls.

    A really good movie for 30-somethings...

  2. That's what you call being in the core target audience indeed:)