This is not a method!

Chichi in Jerusalem Shaking Chirac

There are some moments of history that simply impact you forever. One of those was a Jacques Chirac's visit in the Gaza Band while touring Middle East. Protected by the Israeli secret services, he was enjoying one of his favourite hobbies: human bathing and hand shaking.

On the one hand, understandingly enough, the Israeli bodyguards were very nervous about protecting a foreign president in a critical area. They were consequently pushing away the crowd, sometimes a little bit too vehemently. On the other hand, Jacques was stretching his long arms to reach Palestinians' hands and shake them fraternally...

And suddenly our former president could not take it anymore. He turned to the bodyguards and shout at them in English: "Stop this! This is not a method, this is provocation... What do you want? Me... Me to go back to my country?" (EDIT: see here)

Agent Provocateur cola

Well, funny enough, this quote came to my mind immediately when going to the tube, I saw this scene:Pepsi challenge Coke

On the left, Coca-Cola British headquarters in Hammersmith. Opposite the street, on your right, a Megabanner for their rival, Pepsi asking to put some to the taste! Now if this is not provocation... And Pepsi does not stop at cola brands, they also get rocking with other industries like fragrance as you can read here.

Pepsi Light vs. Fragrance

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  1. Yes I have seen this Pepsi vs Coca this week as well as I was driving to work through Hammersmith (good picture !)

    Looks like Pepsi is investing hugely everywhere right now ....