Parisian, head of crustaceans...

Le Parisien is a regional newspaper with national reach - actually adapted in the rest of the Hexagon under the title "Aujourd'hui en France".
For a few years they have used a tagline that says "Le Parisien, il vaut mieux l'avoir en journal" (The Parisian, better read than met) and used very funny TV commercials that bring that line to life. The latest released is now available and enclosed to this post.

Although it is still using the same creative vein, it is still very good. The idea is simple: Parisians have a reputation and these ads capitalise on their worst cliches. They are gross, unfriendly, unpolite, don't like tourists and proudly support a football team that is avoiding relegation every year... So yes, definitely, you'd better read the Parisien.

La tour Eiffel - Le Parisien

Note: On the billboard... "Kiss my ass if you read this text"

More about The Parisian excellence here. And if you wonder why I came up with this post title, you probably don't speak French... So here is a quick rational: we have a riming pun in French that says "Parisien, tete de chien. Parigot, tete de veau" (literally "Parisian dog face, Parisians veal face"). It does not mean anything per se, but simply mock the Capital indigens. So tried to give back the same idea with an English rime...

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