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"My movies are very international. In Japan, Belgium or America, everyone understands a slap in the face"
Jean-Claude van Damme (1960-)

The return of the hero.

What I like about this guy is not that he can still put his feet on chairs that are two meters away from each other at almost 50. It's not either his stratospheric and metaphysical considerations about the interconnection between human beings and dolphins. It's not his capabilities to speak his very own language, a mixture of French, English and VanDammish... No, what I like about this guy is the fact that he has overcome many barriers and opinions to ultimately become an icon.

Interesting enough, for a long time, as this previous paragraph testify of it, the JCVD icon was associated with negative stereotypes. Show business, drugs, super-ego... You name it. But recently JCVD has managed to go beyond and turn this downsides into his advantage. He has for instance been doing advertising spoofing his own caricature. And now this... JCVD the film.

The virtuous and hilarious circle

I really like the way the journalist from Variety, Rob Nelson, puts it: "Incalculably superior in tone, attitude, intent, and intellect to bulk of bodybuilder vehicles...". The plot is appealing by essence as Jean-Claude Van Damme plays himself in parody biopic. Call me a cynical, but the perspective of seeing a guy taking a piss of himself can only succeed.

When I got married, the priest said to the assembly a very interesting line: "Praise the one keen to laugh about themselves, because they are not about to get bored". I think that this film is a great illustration of this as you can see on trailer:

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