The Saturday Shot #10: gaulois

You could call that edition the French paradox...

This Saturday, I was reading this graphic novel about the adventures of Asterix. It is a pun-packed French classic within a vast series of books following the Gaul and his best friend Obelix in their resistance against the Roman oppression. Accordingly to the preliminary note, at that time, in 50BC, the whole French territory was occupied by Julius Caesar's troops, but a small Gaulish village who would fulfil their feisty nature with the help of a magic potions brewed by a druid. The two heroes go through various adventures, here, there, everywhere.

This specific edition is a ticket to schizophrenia for anyone like me, a French in England. It is indeed an originally French story, translated in English, about two of my French ancestors visiting England to give a hand to their English cousins. You still follow me? Well, it has been offered to us by some English friends, and guess what? These friends are called Mr. and Mrs. French. No joke.

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  1. Mr. French4:36 pm

    Genius stories, even more genius translations. I’m a big fan, and have heard it said that the English translations can be even better than the French originals (e.g. the dog is Idefix in French, but Dogmatix in English, which means the same thing but includes “dog”). As you’re the most bi-lingual person I know, interested to know which version you think is better. Once you’re over the schizophrenia…