Yahoo United

An interesting thing with global brands is that they are global. But there two ways to handle this reach, either by encouraging diversity or by promoting unity. Well sometimes you can unite people with their diversity.

Here is an interesting initiative launched by Yahoo! It offers a tribune to every individual on the planet in order to express itself, share its point of view on different concepts such as love, anger, etc. A brief note, a picture, some tags... and here you go, you have contributed to an ecumenical operation to celebrate mankind and its enriching diversity.

Here is a review from weareideas about this Time Capsule project. It helped me temper my own enthusiasm. After all, the WWW is indeed not completely worldwide, not yet...

However, browsing through the different submissions gives you an interesting snapshot of the global mood. It is interesting to see disenchantment shared by young people in the US and their Taiwanese counter-parts, or, on a more optimistic angle, that family reveals to be the greatest source of love among our fellow citizens, be it on the Mediterranean Sea or in the Rocky Mountains.

So drop your own message to the future. I am sure your heirs will be delighted to discover how good looking was Granny back in 2006.

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  1. Hello! Nice blog. I was enthusiastic about this project, to some extent. Actually until I've read the press release from Yahoo.
    Still, great PR for Yahoo!