Yogurt singing...


We have an idiom in French that could translate in "yogourt singing". It refers to a person who does not know a song and simply produces gutural sounds or associates sound-alike English words to pretend he masters the lyrics. Obviously meaningless. Nevertheless, some singers in the 60s fooled their non-litterate audiences and made their way doing so. Just pretend.

Well, this classical TV commercial is to remind us that it is often worth knowing what we sing. Unless you like to be covered in yogourt (sorry for this bad taste conclusion).


  1. Thanks for bringing me the word Yogurt. I'm interested to know your interpretation of the words of a song, would you please listen to MINING FOR SUNLIGHT on myspace.com/philliphenderson and translate it as you see fit.


  2. Hi Phillip.
    This is interesting music made of gutural sounds with strong beats and influences from the Eastern part of Europe as far as I can tell. So if sung along by some French, this could probably be called Bulgurian yogurt:)