France 24, a different view on the news.

In the UK, this Sunday, thousands of people will buy their newspaper and read through the articles while sipping their tea. A cliche? Probably, but what is the cliche of France news consumption? A low-quality red wine glass, in a crowed and smoky cafe, discussing the Saturday night performance of the local football team...

Well, things are changing. These two TV commercials from creative hotshop Marcel announce the long expected French News channel,
France 24. A CNN with a French flair.

It will be interesting to see how the news will be treated, and how the cultural disparities will influence it. But on the other hand, will people care about what French-speaking people think of? Do we still have a word to say in a world dominated by a language (
English), a raising people (China), a controversial light-attracting civilisation (Muslims), etc.?

I am convinced that this channel has a role to play, as a counter-power to the above-mentioned television arms: CNN, Al Jazeera... And in the worst case, should no audience pay attention to what France24 has to say, they will always be able to reposition themselves as a channel airing Wine and Football reviews. They will have 60 million fans, or so. Cheers.

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