So French.

Flip the coin.

France. The haute-couture, the riviera, the chic, the culinary arts, the champagne... But also its country-side, its gruesome farms, its striking labour forces, its kinky cancan dancers, its smelly cheeses!

Our country is Janus-like and these TV commercials for the poultry brand, Le Gaulois, capitalise on these two sided stereotypes. I must admit that I find the first one a bit basic, little appealing, and not very creative. However, I really like the second one as it works with an elliptical mechanic.

100% French chicken.

Some clarifications for the readers who have not been immersed in the favourable labour legislation. RTT stands for Recuperation du Temps de Travail (Recovery of Working Hours), and are days-off that are given to employees who cannot effectively work the legal 35-hour week. In other words, as a compensation to the extra hours that you spend behind your desk, you get a day or so per month.

The RTT have modified in-depth the life of the French workers. Imagine that you suddenly get 12 more days-off per year (my dear Canadian friends, with your mere 5 days, you must be dreaming of such a benefit, especially since they come on top of the regular 25 days!). Honestly, you rapidly get used to it... But how to spend them?

Busy free time.

Recent researches have demonstrated that my fellow-citizens have completely revised their approach of holidays since the RTT. Instead of opting for a 3-week long break in the summer, they tend to favour three-day long week-ends throughout the year. Obviously such a trend had a drastic impact on holiday resorts who have seen their profitable long-stay fall. On the other hands, hotels and tour operators have been developing new packages to cope with this new demand: three days in Rome, 4 days in Dordogne, 3-day induction to paragliding...

French (chicken) are no longer nesting at home: they have more spare time and intend to spend it well. It has become a full-time job to plan your free time, especially if you are not in the office on Fridays because of your RTT!


  1. I guess you really liked those videos then ? ;o)

  2. Hi Sandrine... Sorry for not having quoted my source indeed :) I cannot say that I liked the ads, but they were a good alibi for a post on our RTT. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the article though.