Chopping the carrot

Obsessive thoughts

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are probably aware that my twisted mind tends to pick up weird combinations of food and sex. Where the British see harmless chocolates, I get good laughs about Mark&Spencers selling
mini dicks on their shelves. Where Tesco thinks promoting bananas, I see encouragements for some playful (fruitful?) foreplays... That is the problem with French people, we are obsessive with what made our reputation. So imagine what happens when you had football to this explosive duo!

One step too far?

But I reckon that this obsession can be contagious and to certain extent...dangerous to the one not in the know. I indeed came across
an article on the BBC website that reveals the story of some guy who, entering a restaurant, started mutilating himself with the kitchen knives. After several attempts, he eventually managed to chop his own penis off. Disgusting experience for the customers, especially for the veggies who had managed to stay away from the chipolatas on the menu...

But there is also a pinch of fun in this butchery. The dreadful event occurred in a specific restaurant that shades a very different light on the circumstances. The Italian restaurant the man chose for his self-amputation is part of a chain called Zizzi. Most of the French-speaking readers will start grinning by now. Is there more appropriate a place to cut your penis off than a restaurant called Zizzi... Especially when you know that in French this name signifies literally "willy"!

So, to cut a story... short, if I strongly recommend my readers to have French and cuisine classes, I also encourage each of you to avoid revising your exams the same day. Confusions could be painful.


  1. Ah oui j'ai entendu parler de cet histoire du mec a la pizzeria... C'est Graham Norton qui racontait l'histoire lorsque je suis allee assister a l'emissio cette semaine.

    Quand a la chaine "zizzi", ca m'a toujours fait rire depuis la premiere fois qu'un de mes collegues y avait organise un repas de bureau il y a qq annees ;o)

    ps: c'est 'Willy"

  2. Thanks for the comment Sandrine, and for your vocabulary precision. Seems like I am better with food than sex:) I have corrected my "winny" into "willy" as requested...