No more season, ma'am

Here is a French cliche that you are very likely to hear across France market stalls after this dreadful week-end. A cliche that is however so up to date: "y'a plus de saison ma p'tite dame", literally "Ain't no more season ma'am"! Or how to complain about the fact that we are suffering from a November weather on the first of June.

And as a matter of fact, this morning, my beloved mountain was covered in a white mantel, although the snow has been lacking during the entire ski season. So what are you up to this August? Fancy some snowboarding?

1 comment:

  1. Euh non mais elle a raison la vieille dame "ya plus d'saison" :-) Unbelievable! Those past few months I have had cravings for snow and for the feeling of my body taking off, perhaps it is not too late... La semaine prochaine on se fait une French Wednesday avec Sandrine et Raphael, si ca vous dit!