Tongue twisting

Don't touch it's SALEYou can learn from everyone...

Who could have thought that even Ann Summers' would apply this rule? Now thinking about it, no one better than a high street sex shop could teach French to the masses. I mean real French, the foreign language, not the... you dirty pervert ;-)

As a matter of fact, Ann Summers displays no dog in a black and white coat in its window, but there are usually lady apparels and toys for doggy habits. Sometimes, however, the shop becomes more prude, and decides to have more didactic an approach. This picture was indeed shot a few weeks ago in London and, as you can see, the manager decided to deliver moral anatomy classes in French: the three "key" areas of the female body are clearly labeled as "Sale" (or "dirty" in French).

Not so long ago, nuns running girl boarding schools would have appreciated this incongruous support...

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