Tribute to my Grandmother

This blog is usually written on a light-hearted tone of voice, but for once, it will embed some sorrow.

This morning I indeed received a call from home informing me that my grandmother passed away in the night. I therefore wanted to dedicate these lines to her, her who was a true mountain dweller. She was born in a remote village in the French Alps from where she was leading cattle to higher pastures before she decided to move to Grenoble with her husband.

Her humility certainly transpires in my own approach of life, and I will forever keep her words in mind:

"The main thing is that you are and remain happy".
Fernande Chambaz (1921-2008).

Rest in Peace. Je t'aime.


  1. Toutes mes condoléances...

  2. et moi qui cherchais ton adresse a London... bon courage pour cette periode, je pense fort a toi