The dance of love

Credit: Marianne Rosenstiehl

Love conversations.

An orange square wall. Two chairs. That is the minimalist set for a touching ballet depicting the encounter of a Muslim and a romantic western woman. Love at the first site, at the first danse step I shall say... in-i drives the captivated audience through the triteness, the difficulties, the fun, the violence of love between a multicultural couple. Fantastic! Especially when you know who is on stage: two obviously talented artists share the limelight to engage the viewers in a threesome tango.

On one end, Akram Khan, a London-born dancer in his mid-thirties. He danses at incredible pace. His arms and feet defines circles as fast as an heart beats. Circumvolutions as allegories of the circles of life. On the other end, Academy-award winner Juliette Binoche! Yes, you read that right, the French actress who played in The English Patient, The Unbearable Lightness of Being or Caché, enchains summersaults, rolls and arabesques. The 44-year old comedian has definitely more than a string to her bow. And trust me she really delivers.

Both talents fusion in their dance and enroll you in their aventure. They invite you to peep into their intimacy: a beautiful entertainment, miles away from the glitters of the West End musicals, but also a sociological message delivered on drum beats and music steps. Thrilling.

Directed and performed by: Juliette Binoche and Akram Khan
Set Designer: Anish Kapoor
Lighting Designer: Michael Hulls
Music: Philip Sheppard
Sound Designer: Nicolas Faure
National Theatre until Monday Octobre 20th 2008

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  1. I confirm: this was a delightful and charming show... traders, should you want to forget the current crisis and your worries, just go to the National Theater, have a sit, don't close your eyes but look at the stage!
    Congratulations Juliette, I was as amazed and happy!