Now this is a downturn.

Edge funds, or edge of the cliff.

OK, everyone is banging the drum on the so-called economical downturn, and I have already expressed
my view on the role of the media in the amplification of the situation. So this time, I wanted to share with you a real visualisation of what is a downturn.

As a mountain dweller, I am always keen on discovering how to go upwards, but also how to get down. I have tried pretty much everything on snow, from snowboarding to monosking, from blades to snowscoot or telemark. I also tried rafting, rock climbing, canyoning, via-ferrata... But that I have not tried yet and to be fair, I am not sure that I will:

Exhilirating. For sure. Inspiring? Maybe...

Just cannot wait to see some bozzos trying it out from the top of their skyscrapper in the City after they discovered that their junk bonds were really a piece of junk. Can you imagine them gliding over their fellow traders who would have prefered a more traditional defenestration?

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