Comedia del Arte Politico

Elections. Scene 3. Take 1

I remember the first time I was said Ronald Reagan was an actor before becoming the US president I knew. What a choc for me who is from a country where all the politicians tend to come from the same background! A unique post-grad school, the ENA (Ecole Nationale d'Administration), where the future France elite is taught the art of politics. An actor studio where you endorse an ideological role: Pipo the socio, Crystal the Liberal...

In May my fellow-citizens and I will be voting for our next president. So the circus is on the road again. Like every 5 years, the same recurring discussions are coming back in the spotlight: the traditional impossible campaign promises but also the non-sense of having a somehow hermetical political class. We call that the "pensée unique" syndrome (Unique Thought). Politicians go to the same school, sit on the same benches, attend the same lectures, listen to the same teachers... That obviously prevents from refreshing the way the problems are tackled and can only lead to a status quo.

The political circus.

Of course this is a caricature, a farce. This season, we also have a mailman, a business man and an organic farmer who try to play a role on this political scene. But let's face it, even if they manage to have a word or two in the debates, the lead roles remain in hand of the above-mentioned.

So shall we look at the US and their American dream? Once upon a time a western actor, a real one, becomes a US President. And why not a barbarian next? Having said that, I am not sure that it is any better... But this could really happen, that is the beauty (or the frightening thing) about this country: anything can happen. But, hey, after this, you will not be able to say that you had not seen it... coming.

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