Picture me...

I have not been as prolific as usual on my blog these days, mainly because I have been busy with my new job, and because I tend to spend quite some time on FlickR:

My pitcures on FlickR

This blog is about my perception of what occurs around me and strikes my attention. If you enjoy what I write, you might be interested in my pictures... After all they are the literal expression of this personal "perspective".


  1. Mathieu4:39 pm

    Salut Cedric et félicitations pour ton blog très réussi! j'ai également été bluffé par tes photos.
    Quel matériel utilises tu?

    Amicalement from Paris,

    Montfollet's friend ;o)

  2. Thanks Mathieu... I'll reply in English to remain true to the ambition of this blog (and let you practice your English skills).

    I have recently used a Kodak v705 dual lens, a brilliant compact camera with an extra-wide angle. Some of the pictures are done using my cameraphone, a SonyEricsson K800i, very handy and always with me. Most of my older shots have been done with an EOS300 + Sigma 28-200, I had to scan them all... 7 years in a few pictures in a sense. When available, the details of each piture are featured on FlickR (just click on the relevant picture and scroll down, you will see when, where the picture was shot, and with which camera).

    However I am considering now buying a digital SLR, probably a 400d to keep my zoom.

  3. Hola Cedric, im from Mexico and I have been watching some of your photos at flirck and i like it a lot the ones you call "panographic" or something like that, but i have just one question for you... what program do you use to make that kind of pictures?

    P.S. Thanx for sharing your photo-art.