Back to school... and to the future!

Time to go.

Some (and probably my better half in first instance) would argue that it was about time, but on Monday I will start my new job. After 6 months during which I had the chance to be able to take some time off for me and to do things that were really great like: getting married, lecturing at a university, taking photo classes, going skiing, visiting a few places and even blogging heavily.

As a result of this new agenda, I will probably reduce my PPW statistics. PPW? Post per week... I indeed realised that what was initially an hygienic hobby to empty my mind from thoughts which were keeping me awake has turned into a quite active a pastime. Overall, that are more than 150 articles which have been written for the above 10,000 visitors who have landed by more or less chance on this page. To be frank, I have never written with the intention to generate traffic, it was more a personal approach. So first I am surprised but also really enthusiatic about the interest people can find in my random thoughts. So thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and will keep on doing so in the coming months or so.

Personal archeology.

There is something though that I find sorry about blogging is the fact that some great ideas are burried in the archives of blogs and whilst dust is settling down, these ideas are getting lost. I am the first when landing on a blog to read the only first or maybe first two pages. Let's be frank, there is little chance that I would go deeper, even on blogs that I have subscribed to.

So since I find this matter of fact damageable, here are my favourite articles written over the last two years. Some happen to be the readers' favourite, so you might have aleady bumped into them, but otherwise, the following reflect in my mind the philosophy of this humble blog:

  1. Shiny happy people, or how depression seems to be as trendy as Baudelaire's spleen was
  2. Oral sex with a fork: you'll never look at M&S chocolates the same way
  3. End of a myth, or how British girls have lost their legendary appeal to French teenagers
  4. French letters from my windmill: sexual shame across the borders
  5. Don't lose your head or your temper(ature): housing non sense in the UK
  6. Eat to live or live to eat, and some Brits call it food...
  7. Yogurt singing, the French trick to be multilingual
  8. Computer generated tourism: how film animation can help a tourism board boost his activity
  9. Forbidding is forbiden, what remains from May 68 revolution
  10. Urban nature or natural city, the paradox of green movement
And to wrap up eveything, two articles which will lead you to reconsider everything that you have read or watched so far on this blog, but most likely everywhere:

"Bonne lecture" as we say in French, and please comment on these articles, I would be delighted to hear your own thoughts!

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