Oh my Guinness!

Just pour in.

I have already touched base on the fact that a proof of success of an advert is its propensity to be spoofed. The Guinness "domino" being an iconic ad of last year does not escape this rules, and as a matter of fact, I have just found this English variation, which is typical of how this country values the food: a lot of noise for nothing...

Fortunately, the French has invaded the UK so their is a potential salvation in sight. In the meanwhile, tuck in!


  1. Salut Cédric,

    Les pubs guinness sont toujours d'une super qualité et ils font preuve de beaucoup d'originalité à chaques fois.

    C'est toujours un régal, pour moi, de les voir.

    Cela ne m'étonne pas de les voir copiées.

  2. I agree with you Loic, Guinness is an iconic advertiser which delivers through AMV BBDO a great creativity for years.

    And as pointed out, the ramson of success is to be spoofed, at last in anglo-saxon countries. France has a more cautious approach of spoof or references in advertising, there is too thin a line between reference and parasitism, the expression coined by legal department to prevent one to benefit from another brand cues/investment.

    What I like also with Guinness is that they have managed to turn a negative product attrributes, into a positive communication proposition: wait for the better.

  3. Tu me diras avec un budget de 10M£ pour la campagne domino....

    Ce que j'aime dans les pubs anglo-saxones c'est la liberté de ton que vous pouvez employer. Liberté de ton très peu employée ici en France (9 Telecom commence à s'y mettre).
    La pub en angleterre est élevée au rang "d'art", elles sont régulièrement très soignées et recherchées.

    En allant un plus loin (géographiquement parlant), les pubs américaines peuvent être de véritable perles notamment pour le super bowl où les entreprises n'hésitent pas à investir massivement.
    Le dernier superbowl nous en a encore livré de belles.

    Dommage qu'en France nous ne soyons pas autant téméraires.
    Wait and see...Les mentalités vont finir par changer!!!

  4. Quick note to Loic: merci de tes commentaires mais aurais tu la gentillesse de les ecrire en anglais, la plupart des lecteurs de ce blog sont anglosaxons... Pas de complexe a avoir.

    I agree and disagree with you Loic in a sense that in France, you will only be exposed to the creme de la creme from London. But trust me it has its toll of crap ads. English ad people call them Turkeys. But to be fair, I am tempted to say that tyhe UK as a nation is way more sensitive to marketing and branding than France. Just walk around London and you will realise that any shop pays a strong attention to branding, even dentist offices look like advertising agencies;-)

  5. You know cédric, I look at the English advertisements via the English television (god saves the 6 nations tournament). Thus, I also see the least good.

    What I appreciate it is exactly the humor it is the humor of some, but effectively, the others do not even deserve a glance