Around the world in 80 seconds

Those who read regularly this blog know that I am a keen traveler, a photo-enthusiast, and a bit of a geek. So whenI stumbled upon this stop-motion film, I got my passions reunited at once. Enjoy this quick Around the World tour in 80 seconds and you will probably recognize places you have been. I did.

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  1. i was wondering if the globe was really into the picture or integrated after. looks like it was made with a real one!

    nice video! thx

  2. Anonymous9:56 am

    thanx! yes it's a real one ! nobody had noticed ;)
    It hasn't been easy, we had to make it turn every 32 pictures (there are some mistakes...)which has oblige us to shoot the film "edited".

  3. Tous ces endroits a decouvrir, ca donne un peu le tournis... film tres sympa en tout cas !