Views of Chicago

Here is a short selection of the numerous pictures I shot whilst being stranded in Chicago, Illinois. Enjoy the slideshow, and feel free to comment:

More of my pictures can be seen on Flickr.

To read further (or in that instance, view further):

  • Japanese pictures: a bunch of pictures from my 3-week trip across the Japanese archipelago
  • Still moving, an article on photographies that can move you by being innovative (including some of my panographies)
  • Found it, a note on street art including my own personal collection of street art pictures.


  1. Just came back from NY/Philadelphia/Toronto so even better to read your views of the US cities! Did you have any trouble coming back or had you escaped the volcano dust already?

  2. Stranded for aover a week in the Windy City... But made the most out of it as I was there for business and could work remotely. Was just hard not to be able to see my baby son:)