Feel the heat

Since January 2007, smoking is officially banned from all public places in France. In the UK, however, the progression of non-smoking areas is lagging behind... It is amazing how you can get used to fresh air. As a matter of fact, that was probably the main cultural choc I faced when arriving on British soil.

Take a breath.

The night I wanted to have dinner in a nice restaurant, ordered nice food (I know this is completely contradictory with what I wrote earlier, but it happens), and nevertheless had my night-out messed up by a bunch of local smokers. This made me realised how advanced we were in France in the fight against tabagism. But you know what it is, you only realise how much you care of something when you miss it.

Miami-based creative agency Crispin Porter+Bogusky has launched a new campaign for anti-smoking organisation, The Truth. Faithfully to the association activist tradition, the agency developed a visual idea to strike minds and generate additional buzz:

Another brilliant idea by CP+B

With such initiative becoming more common on European grounds, smoking will soon be "parti en fumée" as we say in French (gone with the smoke).

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