Food for the eyes

London is definitely one of the leading European Art capital. It hosts some wonderful jewels to be discovered here and there beyond the unmissable Tate, Saatchi or even the National Galleries.

My panography of the WappingProject.

For instance, during this week-end wandering, I have come across a brilliant place: a former hydraulic powerhouse reconverted into a fancy restaurant and an art gallery. The Wapping Project is an astonishing place where you can eat top-notch food next to a former turbine. Not to mention the video installations, the giant fashion photographs, or the modern dance happenings... When art leaves the formal galleries and get finally in touch with the audience!

This place reminds me two other places in other European capitals where I enjoyed hanging around. In Paris, the Palais de Tokyo offers a very similar approach. This national museum of contemporary, cornered in a "tiny" 22.000 sq.m. palace that resembles more to a blockhouse than a museum, now welcomes major contemporary artists. It also offers some brilliant food at its in-house restaurant, Tokyo Eat. In Berlin, the Tacheless combines also in a reconverted building a cinema, some artists studios, an exhibition center and... a Biergarten.

An outside exhibition in Tacheless (1998)

It seems that nowadays culinary art seems to matter a lot for contemporary artists. After all, the major revolution of the post-photography art was to move from a accurate natural depicting to more poly-sensual experience. So why the mouth be left behind the eyes?

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