Let your stomach chant

The French community in London is huge and of course they are blogging. I have recently went across a post written by Miss Nina (sorry, in French) which was echoing my previous post on "Yogurt singing":
It refers to a person who does not know a song and simply produces guttural sounds or associates sound-alike English words to pretend he masters the lyrics.
I cannot resist the opportunity to highlight that we, French, are not the only people who cannot get the proper lyrics of some English songs. And we are not the only one either to refer to our fridge to fill the gaps.

According to an article published in Metro, when you listen to a song and cannot figure out what the lyrics are, you would then tap into vocabularies intimately related to pleasures (like food or sex)... For instance, Vengaboys' "We are going to Ibiza" had been hummed "We're going to have pizza" by more than one Americans who had never heard of the Balearic Islands, or even Bob Dylan's "Hey, Tambourine man" which had gone orange as some heard "hey, Tangerine man"...

And some dare to call me a Stomach on Feet!?! But I know my classics... Here is short selection of food-related tunes, just to ease everyone's life:

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