Wirefull tribe

Me "Cedric", you...

This week I have started a new job and joined one of London main digital agencies. As I stepped in a building full of web designers and other funky programmers, I realised I was entering a new civilization, with its own totems and taboos. I felt like one of these anthropologists who are invited in a tribe and are miming the autochthones to demonstrate their goodwill and understanding. I had to demonstrate and display obvious signs of my technophilia...

In my new reference frame, how would I be perceived or judged by my new counterparts? I am not a nerd, but I tend to consider myself as technology savvy. As a matter of fact I tend to accumulate hi-tech gizmos. So, to mark my territory and show that I was one of them, I started to empty my pockets: an iPOD, a Pocket PC, a photo-phone, a synchronisation cradle... I was like Santa 2.0 emptying his bag with nice tacky toys.

A wireless world?

And suddenly I realised the mess that was lying on the table. Although IT advertisements keep on hammering that we have entered a wireless revolution, I seriously doubt it. This is for instance a snapshot of my desk once my Centrino-enabled laptop had been plugged and connected to the desktop display, the optical mouse, the above-mentioned synchronisation cradle... The dozen wires regurgitating from the computer were merrily intertwining my neighbour's in a sort of plastic orgy.

I will assume this is just an embodiment of what we commonly call: "connections".

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