Long live the King

A few months back, the Evening Standard published an feature what some people were referring to as a new Baby Boom in the UK. This time around, it was not platinum blond teenagers who were getting on the maternity row, it was rather the thirty-something year old middle class executives who were facing the economical downturn in their own way.

Redundancy plans, reduced bonuses... The middle class had to find something less expensive to entertain itself during last winter. And it seems that it got busy around Christmas.

A few months later, nine in fact, the aftermath of this cocooning plus cuddling phase definitely shows. Prams are now overcrowding the pavements of London, and bumps can be seen everywhere.

On our end, we jumped the gun: this morning my wife gave birth to our first baby, Arthur. Welcome my son.

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  1. Congratulations!!!!

  2. Congratulations! A little boy - so special. You're going to have great fun.

    As for this new baby boom - another explanation: you cannot be made redundant (well, at least not immediately) if you're pregnant. A technic used by some of my friends when their company announced redundancy waves if they were already considering a first or second child...

  3. Anonymous8:49 pm

    Bravo et bienvenue a Arthur !

  4. Charline_K10:14 pm

    Congrats !

  5. Thanks for the comments and the support. So far so good, baby Arthur is a sleephead. Fingers crossed he will remain so for the next few... years.