Sniff-Sniff vs. Miam-Miam.

I have already talked at length about the Axe/Lynx brand and their ability to engage their audience through a consistent proposition: seduction. Well the Unilever brand has just released a new TV commercial which capitalises on a consumer insight: women cannot resist to chocolate (this insight has been carefully researched at home by the way):

Is the global FMCG group about to start some cross-branding? What about an anti-perspirant flavoured after Wall's Vienneta? Or a grooming kit with Ben&Jerry's chocolate cream? Such products could sound appetizing, as long as they stay away from any joint-activity with... Marmite!

Hail to the chocolate.

Chocolate is critical, not only for women, but also for French men. It is as important to us as beer is to English males. As a matter of fact, we do not talk in France of a six-pack, but of a chocolate bar. So chocolate is not only about taste buds, it is also about appearance, and if you refer to some studies it would also have an influence on your Psyche. As you can read in this very well-documented site dedicated to chocolate:
Placebo-controlled trials suggest chocolate consumption may subtly enhance cognitive performance. As reported by Dr Bryan Raudenbush (2006), scores for verbal and visual memory are raised by eating chocolate. Impulse-control and reaction-time are also improved.
By adding some chocolate scents to their deodorant, does Unilever tries to create a new product category? I have already mentioned nutriceuticals, this combination of nutriment and medicine. Are we seeing the birth of Groomingurgitation? After all, so many things are becoming eatable those days: g-strings, cars, manga heroes, mobile phones... So why not grooming products?

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