Truth in the speech.

In French, Butchery is "Boucherie", both literally and in an allegoric way. This little video found on YouTube inspired me the pun of this post title. Sorry, bad taste!

Communicative happiness

An inspiring guy recently said to me: "happy are the people who are able to laugh about themselves, they are not close to get bored".

Well, if you like that kind of auto-derision, you will probably like this other excerpt from another American late show. It seems that our friends on the other side of the pond have at least that, a great sense of humour. Or as they would probably put it: they are "the world greatest humorists in the entire universe". But to be honest, in spite of their great use of superlative, you cannot contest their talent. And let's be frank, I cannot wait for the Hollywood writer strike to be over... I miss them all.

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