Emergency exits are located in the front, middle and back of the plane...

Here is a story that someone sent me through Facebook. Is it a true story? In any case, it is worth sharing:

In a plane, a woman keeps on pressing the assistance button until a member of the cabin crew finally arrives:
- What can I do for you, Madam? asks the hostess.
- Isn't it obvious? the lady answers. I am sitting right next to a Black. I cannot stand to stay next to that kind of disgusting kind. I want another seat!
- Please, calm down. I think that the flight is full, but let me see what I can do, there might be some spare seats.

The air hostess comes back a few minutes later.

- Madam, as feared, there is no more seats in the economy class. I have talked to the commandant who confirmed that there is indeed no available seats except in the first class.

And the hostess to continue:
- It is not a common practice to upgrade economy passenger to first class. But due to the exceptional circumstances, our commandant feels it is totally scandalous to force someone to sit next to such a disgusting person. So if you please... Sir, a seat is waiting for you in the front of the plane.

In France, in March, there will be a week of actions against racism. In Belgium the same type of activity will take place from the 13th to the 22nd. These are great initiatives as racism is a gangrene that needs to be eradicated. The following film from NGO Caritas Belgium is a very impacting execution:

Our wealth is diversity. Instead of rejecting it, we should hail it...

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