How's your job?


Well, we all know that sex makes sell. So the guys from PublicisNet in Paris have decided to have a little round up on the various commercials and spoofs that are using Blow Jobs as a viral hook on the web. Here is an example, and there are many more here:

Re-routing from sex to culture.

Why am I talking about this in this blog about cultural differences? Because sex makes sell and apparently it makes also read. Many people arrive on this blog because of my kinky articles about "oral sex with a fork", "end of a myth", "insectophily" or "chopping your carrot"... You dirty perverts! But if you land on this site and decide to have a read through in spite of the deception to find no nude or free porn pictures in these pages, you might take away something from you readings... For instance, did you know that a blow job in German slang is said "Französich" (= French)? Of course, this can lead to some awkward situations when some fellow citizens ask German Frauleine if they like French, from a linguistic perspective of course.

So be aware... And work out your linguistic skills, they could be useful. Maybe even more than your mother (f**ker) tongue.


  1. Brilliant video ! I had already seen it actually but didn't know it was the guys from PublicisNet who produced it....

  2. They did not produced it... They only compiled on their blog a series of video, found on the web, that illustrate the concept of blow job doing the... job:)