Thinking out of the box, and the beach.

Break the rules.

The sky is blue, sun is hot, water wet and oranges... well orange.

There are some things that are established and have no real chance to change. However, there are some paradigms which can be challenged. I really value those who actually do. Some people can look at a existing fact and think that it can work differently, and achieve it. Those are for me geniuses, inspired minds... And you can find them pretty much everywhere.

Look at sports for instance. Who said that football was to be played on a green pitch? Who asserted that Frisbee was a beach entertainment? Well... these two videos are great examples of how some wicked souls break the moulds to bring their disciplines to new stages.

The first one is an excerpt from the video magazine published by French Urban Frisbee group, Spin Collectif. What they do with these little plastic discs in the street of Paris is simply outstanding...

And what to say with this Mexican lot who brings football to stratospheric heights...

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