Chinese to me...

Even without mastering ideograms from the Empire of the Middle, you can sometimes understand the meaning of a sentence. Chinese can also be a not-so-alien language when it comes to great causes. Here deforestation and its lethal aftermaths:Forest / Woods / Tree / Death
Source: adsoftheworld. "Forest / Woods / Tree / Death" (agency: Shunya, Beijing, China)


  1. was the shadow at the end (tree) necessary to make it look like a cross? going from tree to cross in a deforestation subject ad to say death. was it necessary?

  2. Well, WWF focuses on animals and their habitat. A Panda, or any other forest animal without the relevant forest is due to die sooner than later.

    To come back to semiology, it is interesting to see that from tree to death there is not much to cut away. I think that the cross and its shadow dramatize the message.

    And finally, and this is more an open question, as I am no Chines galligraphy expert, the cross might be a sign for something else in Chinese. By adding the shadow you make it clearer that this is not a word anymore but a symbol. Not sure wether I am clear here...

    What do you think f.m.?

  3. i think you got it down perfect.
    but, by principle, simple is better no? so, you got the tree sign. going from forest to pealed tree. that´s it. the cross reference calls for another lecture.
    these aren´t the kind of ads i like, the clever metaphorical artsy ones i mean.
    still you are right about dramatization. but i still think it isn´t necessary. what i like about this ad is that it can be made with a pen. the shadow and cross complicate it for none. trees are dying, forest are disappearing, animals are disappearing with them. simple. no need for anything else. in these kind of ads i mean. the clever art resolve ones. :) nt

  4. Just a pen required indeed... That's what I like. Simple, and yet efficient. And I understand your point, but ou must let some room for the other part of your team: what would say your Art Director? "Please let me play around with my Illustrator, come on, just a little bit":)

  5. and on the seventh day, round ten am, god made CDs and saw that the CW and ADs work was a bit better than good.