Stepping into your shoes

Would you be my shoe?

In French we have an idioms that says "trouver chaussure à son pied" which would translate into "finding your matching shoe size". This expression is used when two people meet and realise they are made for each other. When they match.

Going a little bit further in the metaphor, you could claim that each foot has its matching shoe somewhere. Somewhere in the world... Is this what inspired Adidas when they launched their initiative "
Flavour of the world"? The idea of this product development programme is to launch on a regular basis limited series of sneakers inspired by the event of the moment: the Carnival of Venice, Saint Patrick's Day, Sanja Matsuri...

This little widget announces you the release of the next shoes. To date, the next model to be released is an Adicolor Lo inspired by the Irish National Day...

A nice idea to hype up your product portfolio with exclusive reference, totally in line with the values of this blog: from the great diversity of the world can rise creativity and outstanding products.

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