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Black-listed friend.

Miss Plasseraud first canceled her attendance to our home brunch this week-end pretending that she had caught a virus on Friday (a virus which I am almost certain is a hangoveritis), and now she throws at me this hot potatoe... A what?

In French, when you are delegating a dodgy topic you don't want to handle personaly we use this image: "passer la patate chaude", i.e. passing on rapidly to someone else as with a hot potatoe which would have landed in your hand. So many thanks Sandrine... I owe you, and trust me that won't be antibiotics.

By the (cooking) book.

Anyway, I am fair play, so I will follow the rules which consist in quoting 6 uninteresting facts about myself before passing the burden on. Some people would argue that in my previous post about my 2008 resolutions I have already anticipated these rules, but here we go:
  1. When landing in Singapore in 2000, my first relief against the absolute fear of a cultural choc was to see Manchester United scarves laid on the back of taxis parked at the Airport.
  2. In Canada, the only affordable "cheese" is Cheddar... And that was a real challenge to survive during 6 months with this only tasteless variety available in the next door supermarket.
  3. In Berlin, "Berliner" are saussages whilst in the rest of Germany they are doughnuts.
  4. When living in Paris I was working on the Champs Elysees and was walking in front the Arc de Triomphe everyday, implying that I must be on thousands of pictures across the world, especially in Japan.
  5. To help a Burmese monk with English pronunciation, I read him an English lesson from an old class book. The lesson happened to deal with so-called democratic republic...
  6. I am born on 6.7.76 and as a consequence I have played my entire volleyball career in France and Canada with either a 6 or a 7 on my jersey
And now that I have completed my task it is about time for me to throw the potatoe back to other fellow bloggers. As a result, Sarah&Laurent, Jean-Remi, Mao, Deborah, Raphael and La Londoneuse you are on. Man, it's incredible how the French blogging scene in buoyant in London!

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  1. yup you're right... we do have a lot in common. With a bit of luck I might even manage to come to one of these bloggers meetings someday... unfortunately not next week.

    What an impressive list of travels - fascinating!

    PS: I don't work in advertising (yet)... trying to get a job in planning at the mo...