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Habla Inglese?

As you have probably already read in previous posts, language schools are an highway for creative agencies. Their product allows to leverage cultural differences and misunderstandings. Most of the time, these disparities are turned into a humoristic twist (read here and here), well because what is alien, if it does not kill you, makes you laugh... As would have probably said Sigourney Weaver.

Belgian connection

Here is another series of great ads sourced on Ads of the World for a language school, Inlingua. The creative leap no longer relays on humour, but on more subtle references:

Agency: LGF, Belgium

The first one is very simple an execution, which relays on nothing but words. So rare nowadays... The second one is more visual, but remains as subtle as the previous one:German Jack

"Get rid of your German accent: Inlingua Business-English."
Ad Agency: Kolle Rebbe Werbeagentur, Germany

What do you think? Do you prefer conceptual or more farce-like ads? Personally, I am in favour of the earlier option, although this Berlitz TV commercial totally got me. But if you prefer more down-to-earth communication, here are two other campaigns produced, interestingly enough, by the same agency, agency Duval Guillaume, Brussels, Belgium:

1- CLL "Don't count on you acting skills"

2- Group T: "Don't learn languages through movies":
Pulp FictionTerminatorStar War
You will have noticed that most of these campaigns have been created by Belgian advertising agencies, which seems to imply that the fact that you leave in a country with more than one official language increases your ability to understand the challenges of foreign languages...

As mentioned my favourite remains by far the conceptual communication, but you could argue that I tend to intellectualize everything and look at advertising with a professional eye rather than through a consumer's. And I would agree with you... As a consequence, my second best campaign in this lot would probably be the Group T campaign which is also very simple, cheap to produce, and relays on personal experiences that have proven this idea as totally true.

Let me know your thoughts on these campaigns. I am sure that no matter how good your English skills are, you will be able to express yourself. Alternatively mime it and put it on YouTube!

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