Good resolutions.

Two months later.

New year, new resolutions... Every January is the same story, you decide to tackle all the flaws of your life and try to get them behind you. You want to seize the opportunity to have a fresh start. And I am no exception to the rule. Now, with almost two twelfth of 2008 behind us, I thought it was about time to have a quick look back at where I stood:

  • Get a new job: Done. To be started in a few days...
  • Take photo classes: Done. But as Akira Kurosawa once said, "I will a student all my life"...
  • Write a novel: Work in progress. Not sure that it will be worth publishing, but at least it will be out of my brain. I will definitely need this extra RAM with the first above-mentioned item.
  • Start a diet: Work in progress, and yes this is really hard work. Especially with a mum like mine who is afraid his son might suffer from chocolatisys, a fantasmagoric illness which would harm you if you don't swallow loads chocolate every day. I am fortunately under treatment for years.
  • Get rid of the love handles: Work out in progress, but as a new wed, it is tough to already compromise on love after only a few months.
  • Start planning ahead: being practised... I already know where I will spend Easter Break, and I have even bought tickets for two upcoming shows (1 and 2) and a rugby match. Trust me these events might take place in 2008, but they are more than a month away, which is already a giant step for me.
  • Visit Britain beyond M25: to be implemented in Easter.
  • Continue the diet: to be strengthened during Easter
  • To be continued...

Now what about you? What was your main resolution for 2008, and how are you getting along?


  1. Anonymous1:01 pm

    Hi Cedric,
    Thanks for all your interesting posts.
    Here comes my "to do list" of the year:
    -quit my job
    -get married
    -move to London
    -find a nice and central appartment
    -find a new job
    -defintely improve my english
    -seize all opportunities to discover London and its way to live
    -keep travelling around
    Quite a busy and exciting year indeed!
    And reading your blog will help me to accomplish at least a few objectives!
    Thanks ;-)
    Read you soon.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement... Feel free to comment on the other posts, and keep me posted of how you are getting along with your list:)