The Saturday Shot #1: scotts in the park

Inspired by fellow blogger Fabienne, I have decided to publish every Saturday a new picture...
This one was shot today, Saturday, in Hyde Park as a Scottish band was entertaining the crowd of passers-by, teaching them how to move on the sound of "Up-North" music.


I want to marry you, Bitch

Walking around Notting Hill and Maida Vale, we bumped into this shop... Bemused by the sign, I was wondering who one earth would buy some bride cakes from such a bakery. Then I realised that the owners must have identified a brilliant market niche: the ultimate, and delicious way to tell the groom that his future wife is a bitch!

(NB: Les Couilles du Chien translates into The Dog's balls/testicles)

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Despite us...

Mein Freund.

France and Germany have had a serious history for centuries. Every now and then the troops from one side of the border got across and marched forward, before being pushed back. As a result, the region separating the two archrivals, the Alsace, turned French or German depending on who won the last battle.

This part of France faced some strange situations, and this short animation by Sophie Nau describe with much emotion the fate of two French brothers who had to join the Nazi ranks, despite them. Enjoy.