Never stopping evolution

And... Action.

I have already shared on this blog a few examples of stop-motion, a creative concept which consists in recreating movement by a succession of still images.

The following short video brings it another level. This time, the pictures are not capturing an object which would be moved a frame at a time by a dilligent director. Way too easy.

No, this time, every frame is a different graffiti. A cartoon where pages are swapped for city walls, buildings, streets, etc. And what a story line: the theory of evolution...

"Big Bang, Big Boom" is in my eyes nothing but a heroic creation by graphic designer BLU and a bunch of graffiti artists from Italy. It has been produced over the course of a year and you can easily understand why. One frame at a time, ca. 24 frames per second (probably less in that case since stop motion does not replicate real film fluidity), 9'55'' in total... That is a lot of pictures and a lot of spraying.

Only one word come to my mind: bravo.

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