French est mon Droit

(inter)national anthem

What is more national than a national Anthem? It is supposed to unify a nation behind shared values, to cheer every individual, to play the patriotic cord...

Well, I have just read an interesting bit of History which led me to reconsider the above. As a matter of fact, the British Anthem, «
God save the King (or Queen) », would be French! It would have been composed by Lully while the lyrics would be by Madame de Brinon. A collaboration which aimed at boosting the moral of a recovering Louis XIV, in a post-op down mood back in 1686. Seduced by the tune during his stay in Versailles, the German composer Haendel, wrote it down and had it translated, before offering it to George 1st, King of England. He even pretended it was from him...

Urban legend?

OK, this might well be a myth, just a legend to make us, the French, think that we have managed to infiltrate the British culture deeper than just with "Oh, Champs Elysees" and "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi". After all, we are constantly bombarded by tunes from this side of the Channel, so it could reinsure us, maybe a little bit, to know that we could bring back to balance.

After all, we had our word on the Royal Flag, why not on the National Anthem?

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  1. Anonymous2:10 am

    Hi C├ędric,

    It's not because I never post that means I never read!

    So here is my comment #1 and I want to say firstly : great thoughts, great words, great blog!! Congratulation!! It is sincerely a pleasure to read you.

    And regarding this post, I just want to add a little thing, the most significant proof of french influence on British culture to my mind : The intro of "All You Need Is Love" by The Beatles of course!!!

    The Beatles are considered as the greatest band in the world and they choose our national Anthem for the first bars of this song, a song which is a true praise of Love : maybe a wink to the French lover's legend ? who knows...

    So, did I lie you? Does it not an irrefutable proof? :-))

    (Sorry for the language's mistakes strewn in this text but... you know me... ;-)