Tea for me, tea for two.

After food, here come the beverages! France has its red wine glass, Italy its espresso... And the UK: tea.

Even if I am not sure that it demonstrates anything about the product, this viral film by Modem Media seems to be inspired by my own life. When my colleagues ask me if I would mind a tea break (what happens every hour, roughly), the world-famous French courtesy forces me to acknowledge their request.

As a matter of fact, I cannot decently always pretend not to hear their discussion, or elude their glances by a subtle move to the printer... In such cases, I face my responsibilities, endorse my role of the perfect gentlemen -but why this damn phone cannot ring when I desperately need it to?!?-, and head to the kitchen to make a few cups. Here a sweetener, there just some milk, here one sugar and black...

But the perfect tea break skills do not consist in memorising the endless combinations of beverages. No. It lays in your ability to carry them back to the proper desk, usually 3 or 4 cups at a time, without spilling a single drop of the precious liquid on the ground or burning your fingers. Add some difficulties such as few stairs, a regurgitating paper bin, a running PA...

I am sure that tea-cupping will be soon featured at the Olympics, and Great Britain will of course trust the podium. Finally.

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