Bite the apple.

When you work in Advertising, you witness everyday a cultural choc. And it happens on the agency desks!

On the one hand, fun-loving creative minds and their Mac. On the other, the supposebly boring account servicing staff, forced to adopt PCs to ideally interface with their beloved clients...

You probably know this series of ads by Apple, but I cannot resist to the temptation to share this one with you (maybe this is a backlash to my former experience as HP Account Manager):

But the breaking news today is that there are more clashes to be expected, and not only in agencies... But in housholds, in schools, in public transportation. Because now that Apple has announced the launch of its iPhone, one of the most wide-spread technological device alongside TV sets is about to experience a revolution...

Or will that be a failure? After all, the specifications are nice (huge tactile display, user-friendly interface) but why have they compromised on the camera, and where are the 3G features? Will they be able to seduce the networks? Will the usual first generation bugs jeopardize the initial appeal?

I would however bet on the Success, the success of Design, of Iconic Brand and to a certain extend of Showing Off. Too bad it comes so late, I would have known what to ask Santa...


  1. HP Account Manager?? On a du se croiser dans les couloirs à Grenoble... ;)

  2. Well, very little chance unfortunatelly since I was working for HP, but HP France in Paris...

    But, as a matter of fact, being born in Grenoble leads you one day or the other to have a professional connection with HP. That's some kind of a local fate.