Season greetings

This is the time of the year. Or in fact it is in France.

I recently realised that English and French do not place the same emphasis on the season greetings. And this took shape in the pile of Christmas cards that I have received or sent like this one.

Hopefully I have not offended any of my new local friends. Someone who might have not received a card before December 25th... But the thing is, I am not used to send cards for Christmas, simply because in France... you don't. You save your stamps for the Cartes de Voeux ("wishing cards").

They are cards you send in the early days of January to wish all the best to your relatives, friends or business relations for New Year. And by "the best" we mean, amongst other, wealth, success, health, happiness, prosperity, etc. This is part of the tradition. There is even some kind of an unofficial deadline to send your cards, and it is on January 15th. After this date, well, you could be considered a cad.

So let me seize this opportunity to wish you, dear reader, une excellente année 2007, a wonderful 2007. May it bring you all you expect, and beyond.

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