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Here is a now classics in French advertising but since I have just received it (again), I cannot avoid sharing it this time. That is the fun of viral, you can be several times in contact with the same element, which represents additional opportunity to amplify the buzz.

Info superhigways to your holiday destination.

This is a campaign for voyages-sncf.com, the online travel agency, which spun off the French national railways. With the development of eCommerce, this online venture stopped focusing on train tickets, and started selling a wide range of products (plane tickets, hotel nights, car rentals, etc.). The consumer perception, however, had not evolved alongside with the company product portfolio.

"plus loin que vous n'imaginez" (farther than you imagined)

To counter this long-lasting cliché, this campaign depicts typical French road-signs announcing villages homophonic with renown destinations. New York, Cancun, Los Angeles or even Singapore are hence revisited (and re-spelled) with local flair... Voyages-SNCF aims at demonstrating that using their services can lead you "farther than you imagine" a train would.

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