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Back in time.

YouTube is a fantastic entertainment tool, it is also an amazing time capsule. I often browse this social site for professional reasons, and consequently save ads in my favourites. Most of the chosen ones reflect obvious creative excellence, in terms of strategy, of execution, and often both.

But sometimes these commercials just reflect an instant. They appeal to the moment. And when you look back, you question why you ever liked them. Just like this jumper forgotten in a drawer which suddenly emerges from the pile and makes you wonder why you have ever paid a cent for it...

Sport oecumenism.

That is exactly what happened with these commercials for FOX Sports (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). I remember them reigning in advertising festival in 2001-2002 and finding them absolutely hilarious. However when I reconsider them today, I cannot help feeling uneasy. No doubt there is still fun implied by these absurd scenes, but my concern lies in the signature.

"News from the only region you care. Yours."

This sounds extremely self-centred, irrespective of the other countries, their traditions and cultures. In a sense absolutely opposite to what sport should stand for. Sport relays beautiful human values like respect, fair-play, self-achievement, performance... It opens minds and lowers barriers.

French karateka, Laurence Fisher, celebrating with Afghan athletes during an exchange initiative organised by Sports Without Frontiers Association. More info here.

Sport is an allegory of life, a bond between cultures, and should be hailed for that. It should not be the vehicle of some kind of ignorance or obscurantism. So next time in the US, do not push the button for FOX Sports channel. Push-up instead!

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