Capture the difference, once a day!

Here is a brilliant, though probably harassing, idea by American Noah Kalina, who has decided to shoot a consistent auto-portray every single day. For the last 6 years he has captured a moment of his daily life with his camera, compiling them on a website, and even on video:

What amazes me in this project is Noah's dedication and attention to details (like the continuous apathetic glance). The framing is always the same and allows you to visualise slight evolutions in his face: the good days, the morning-after, the hair growing... Everything that makes a daily life daily (and would probably interest some cosmetic groups who would want to demonstrate the effect of their product).

But this project has not only attracted my attention. Thanks to the media, this is becoming cult to get into Noah's world. Celebrities have jumped in his arch, turning this young photographer into an icon. But is this still a common daily life any more? Maybe in New York.

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